Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dear Families in the Middle,

A quick and dramatic change to summer weather reminds me of the speed and drama often associated with middle school years. Elementary naivete gives way to Middle explorers; small and gangly frames rapidly experience a metamorphosis into larger and more defined shapes; and impulsive reactions begin to be replaced by critical questions and meaningful insights. Some days we marvel at the changes, other days we are aghast and exasperated, and still others we grieve how rapidly life takes us through both challenging and delightful learning experiences.

We hope the summer change of pace is a welcome opportunity for you and your family to get re-acquainted, reflect on old memories and new ideas, and re-discover what inspires and sustains you. It is my personal belief parenting, teaching, and learning during the middle years calls out our most flexible and positive selves and most aptly illustrates one of my favorite quotes:
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; 
It's about learning to dance in the rain. 

May the storms we all encounter remind you of the strength and gifts you and your children possess to dance on through life.

Kudos to this 7th Grade Destination Imagination crew for their remarkable achievement of fifth at Global Finals Memorial Weekend!
Back row. Abby Knoke, Elizabeth Yray, Brayden Oehmke, Jasper Halvorson 
Front.  Cecilia McMenimen, Jakub Kudrle, Owen Malanaphy

Future Problem Solvers International Conference 
 Isabel Isaac and Ainsley Kennedy; ADvisor: Ms. Sarah Engstrom-Yde 

Isabel's writing team took 2nd place for Juniors and Ainsley's team took 3rd place for Middles