Monday, July 6, 2015

Dear Hudson Middle Musers,

Welcome to our Middle Musings blog - a place to ponder ideas and possibilities and thoughtfully pose questions and reflections on living and learning "in the middle." In my experience, life is full of "middles" - that place between first and last, early and late, right and left, and black and white. We become more aware of how very important "the middle" is in life when we take time to consider opposing viewpoints. We also discover a variety of ways to describe a situation, frame a dilemma, and solve a problem by "living in the middle."

An ardent believer in the potential of middle level learners to be marvelous musers (deep thinkers), I eagerly await their arrival at Hudson Middle School! I've already had the pleasure of meeting several during our summer school programs and look forward to getting to know many more as families come to the middle school for swimming lessons, community events and activities. We're counting on seeing everyone some time between 10:30 AM and 6:00 PM during our Registration Days:

Monday, August 10 - 8th grade
Tuesday, August 11 - 7th grade
Wednesday, August 12 - 6th grade

Our Hudson Administrative Retreat is scheduled for August 10-11, limiting some of our (Mrs. Franklin, Mr. Hagerman, Mrs. Schofield and Mrs. Mitchell) availability on those days to 4 - 6:00 PM.  However, we're joyfully anticipating the entire sixth grade registration day August 12! Ms. Goebel, our sixth graders' counselor, and Mr. Hagerman, Mrs. Franklin and I have a couple of student leadership opportunities we're eager to initiate with our incoming sixth grade students!

Special note for our sixth grade families:  your student is welcome to bring school supplies to Registration Day. Lockers will be assigned and they will be able to practice using their lock. Though our teaching staff will not be present, students and parents are encouraged to walk around to become more familiar with the school! If your student is in band and/or orchestra, schedules will not show a specific time; those details are worked out during the first few days of school. Our sixth grade teaching team has also planned a special orientation schedule the first couple of days of school to support students’ transition. The day includes assistance with lockers, reading schedules, lunch and bus procedures, meeting staff, and finding classroom locations.  

Hoping you’re making magnificent memories this summer...

Our first Middle Musing question:

What helps you (students and parents) pause and think deeply about something?

Please respond with a comment to our blog!

Mrs. Ann Mitchell

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