Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dear Hudson Middle Families,

Fabulous spirit has returned to the building with the arrival of our students this morning! I am enjoying meeting several sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students and getting re-acquainted with several Houlton alum who are now in 7th and 8th grade!

One of my goals was to visit every classroom before Friday. It's mid-day Tuesday and I'm half-way to my goal! Along the way I've met some wonderful people and I'm learning so many interesting things about our students! I just left a classroom where the teacher was practicing saying each student's name accurately. In the midst of her attempts, a student responded, "You did it! Good job!" That's the kind of response we need to hear OFTEN as we take risks, make mistakes, and learn from each other.

Such a small world we live in...I also just learned Ms. Engstrom Yde (our Gifted & Talented Resource Coach) is the daughter of someone who used to babysit me! Sarah's Grandmother was one of our family's FAVORITE people in the world. She had an amazing garden and worked as a nurse in the Somerset School District. Discovering connections like these brings added joy to our work, doesn't it?

At the end of the day, these are the messages I plan to share with students and staff. Please consider sharing your thoughts with your middle-level learner as they anticipate their second day of the year tomorrow:
1) Walk with you head held high and make eye contact with others in the hallways (advice from one of my older children to a younger sibling)
2) Ask at least three questions every day (it shows you care about learning and people)
3) Thank your teachers for the time and energy and care they give to their work

We've started a terrific year today! Here's a question to ponder (and please post a response!):

What do people do to help you feel at ease?

Mrs. Ann Mitchell


  1. I feel more at ease when people smile at me!

  2. I feel at ease when the person demonstrates they've heard my concern by taking action.

  3. I feel at ease when people are friendly and take the time to say Hi.

  4. A simple smile is all it takes!

  5. It's not what people do as much as God makes me feel at ease. When I feel uneasy or stressed I chant the words to myself, Trust in God, trust in God.... My son and daughter must have noticed this ritual and do the same or if they see me uneasy they say, Mom, just trust in God. It's that simple.