Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dear Families in the Middle,

Happy New Year! It's a lovely winter scene outside my office window as I watch a large group of seventh graders on cross country skis on a snow-covered football field. We hope 2016 is filled with memorable joys and challenges you and your family find inspiring and uplifting. Speaking of joys, challenges, inspiration, and uplifting...

We are excited to share with you a NEW Communication Tool inspired by feedback on the Parent Communication Survey (October) and developed and improved by our STUDENTS! Simply click on the House Communication Tab above and you'll find a list of links - one for each House. When you click on a House Link, you'll see (from a student perspective) important reminders and highlights. Especially significant is the ASK ME...section in each teacher/course area. Here you'll find a question we suggest you ask your student. You'll even find links to an occasional sample of student learning, work, and creations! We hope this tool will inspire you and your middle-level learner to have conversations - in the car, over the supper table, or while waiting for the bus in the morning.

KUDOS to our Student Leaders behind this House Communication (and to their teachers who recommended them for this role) and to Mrs. Dressel, our Technology Integration Coach, for working with this team of students (9 at each grade level) to develop and refine a template. While I have an immense amount of faith in what our learners are able to create, their work has surpassed even my expectations! Their questions, thinking, and suggestions left Mrs. Dressel and me thrilled about the possibilities in the future! Please bear with us as our student-authors introduce and refine this communication tool. We know about and are working on a few corrections, edits, additions, etc. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for making this tool even more meaningful and inspiring.


Mrs. Ann Mitchell
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass;
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

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