Monday, April 18, 2016

It's EARTH WEEK in Hudson Schools!
Our District R3 Team invites you to CELEBRATE EARTH WEEK 2016! Please wear the color of the day and try the tips shared below, including pages from Green Wise Kids by local author Jean Clausen.

SUNDAY, April 17 - St. Croix County EARTH DAY celebration at YMCA Camp St. Croix, Noon - 4 PM; check out St. Croix County’s Earth Day Facebook page!

MONDAY, April 18 - Save water (reuse water bottles) Consider sharing the book Ah! Water! (local author Jean Clausen) with students; 2 minute showers; turn off water while brushing teeth; repair dripping faucets; use a rainbarrel; place a plastic milk jug in toilet

TUESDAY, April 19 -  Save energy; turn off lights; use only one bank of lights; turn off computer monitors; unplug chargers from wall (phones, iPads, etc.)

WEDNESDAY, April 20 - paperless day; Go Google; take physical activity breaks; focus on speaking and listening; reuse the backside of papers

THURSDAY, April 21 - save fuel carpool, bike or walk to work; walk outdoors, breathe the fresh air, exercise outside, bike for enjoyment, unplug the treadmill and go outside; wear a raincoat and golashes  

FRIDAY, April 22 - EARTH DAY!  Plant something or clean up our school yards; Enjoy John Mueller’s (5th grade teacher, River Crest) song: This World is Your World; walk with a buddy; get outdoors; start composting! Compost Cool Tool (HMS Sustainability Group)

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