Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dear Families in the Middle,

Recently, our Hudson Middle School leadership team was made aware of FREE opportunities our local YMCA provides for students after school. Please consider checking out these links for more information:
YMCA website
YMCA Facebook
We are eager to partner with the Y to support our students developing leadership skills!

Speaking of students developing leadership skills...thank you for partnering with us to remind your son and/or daughter of the importance of their role in difficult situations. To ensure everyone in our learning community experiences safety, respectfulness and responsibility at all times, these talking points might be helpful in your conversation.

* Our HMS Vision Focus for the year is to know ourselves and each other as learners and people; Raider Pride and The Raider Way includes being welcoming and inclusive as we strive to understand each other. Who has your son or daughter met so far this year and what did they learn about them?

* Sometimes we need to remind ourselves and be reminded of more effective ways to respond to difficult situations. For example, when a friend makes a negative choice, what we all learned at the elementary level still applies at the middle level: 1) Stop! (hold your hand out with your palm open),
2) Walk away from the situation (to think, to calm down, and to get help), and 3) TALK - to an adult who can help you think it through and respond respectfully.

* When your child talks about something that happened at school and you are concerned, please speak directly to the adult closest to the situation (your child's Advisor or Teacher, the Dean of Students, a Counselor or an Administrator). We strive to communicate with families, to respond to situations thoughtfully, and to be respectful in all of our interactions. When you hear something that raises questions in your mind, please contact us.

On a related note, the "creepy clown" reports and rumors circulating around our country are cause for concern. The most significant concern is for the safety of our families. Please review these safety tips with your child:
* Walk in groups; do not walk alone
* When a stranger approaches you, quickly walk away and find a trusted adult
* Stay in the area you are expected to be (at school, at home, with a coach or advisor)
Another concern is the legitimacy of the reports and rumors. Please remind your child to ask questions, focus on facts, and talk to a trusted adult about rumors.


Mrs. Ann Mitchell

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