Friday, February 17, 2017

Dear Families in the Middle,

“There has never been a more important time to teach young people to suspend judgment, weigh evidence, consider multiple perspectives, and speak up with wisdom and grace on behalf of themselves and others.”         -Mary Ehrenworth

What a pleasure to see so many parents and students together during conferences last evening. We look forward to seeing many of you during next Thursday evening's conferences as well! Thank you to the many parents who contributed to a wonderful supper buffet for our teachers! Your kindness and generosity adds joy to a rather long day, provides a few moments of conversation among our dedicated team, and is deeply appreciated!

I've had several "goosebump" moments this week...observing a teacher facilitate a lesson including students categorizing their "thick questions"...visiting with an 8th grader about her creativity...watching sixth grade learners create a video to demonstrate their learning...celebrating the quick reports we can see as a result of online registration with seventh graders...laughing and crying with a parent as we marvel at how quickly these years pass...listening to a staff member share the way they care for their aging parent...noting feedback from students regarding the furniture samples we're trying out for the new learning space addition (and eventually other house areas)...hearing two teachers share what they've learned to help another colleague save time and enjoy the process of much to be thankful many people collaborating to support each other as we learn together!

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