Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dear Families in the Middle,

We so appreciated the presence of many of our middle school parents at the meeting last Monday evening. I overlooked sharing the slides for the Seminar held immediately before the meeting.
Spring Parent Seminar. If the topic was of significant interest to you, you might also value an upcoming event just shared with me by one of our HMS parents:
St. Croix Valley Foundation and the Jacob Wetterling Foundation are sponsoring a public affairs special event some of our community may be interested in attending: 
April 19, 2017, 11:30 AM - 1 PM, Lowell Inn Center 
How do I talk to children about personal safety without scaring them to death? This presentation provides current information about various safety concerns children and teens are facing today, both in-person and online, and how to educate youth on those concerns in a positive way. For more information, use this link

Next week, our state assessment, the Forward Exam, will be administered to students in all three grade levels. The exam is a tool our state uses to determine the effectiveness of our Wisconsin Schools. Additionally, each district uses the information to determine where we might need to make program changes to support student learning. The Forward Exam also provides students and parents with an indication of achievement level compared to other Wisconsin students. We anticipate results in the fall.

Looking ahead...please mark your calendars for our second annual HMS Learner Showcase! This year we are planning an added component - The Maker Fair - to honor the creativity and capabilities of our middle school students. The Maker Fair is open to HMS students and their families on May 4 during HMS Learner Showcase night. This is an opportunity for students to show their hobbies and activities of interest outside of school. Please contact Sara Ellstrom (ext. 4244 or 4242) with questions. 

Many of you know this year all HMS students participated in a One Book One School initiative by reading Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. Boys in the Boat depicts the struggles and hardships of the 1936 Olympic Men's rowing team.  As part of our culminating activity, our BITB committee is requesting your help in finding people who would be willing to visit HMS and/or participate in a Skype/ Google Hangout, or video recording on Friday, May 12, 2017 to talk about a connection or passion they have related to The Boys in the Boat.  If you are interested in this opportunity or know someone who may be, please contact Kari Halstead ( or 715-377-3820, ext 4008).  We are looking for people who have any of the following qualities or any other connections to Boys In the Boat that may not be listed:
  • Participated in the Olympics
  • Tried out for the Olympics
  • Rowed in high school, college, professionally or just for fun
  • Experience building boats (specifically rowing boats would be great, but not necessary)
  • Coaches
  • College level athletes
  • Professional athletes
  • Someone with "Rags to riches" story
  • Someone who grew up in the Great Depression
  • Someone who was an orphan growing up
  • Accomplished musicians
  • Other connections

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