Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dear Families in the Middle,

As the end of the year draws near, we see and hear interesting words and actions among middle-level learners. Anticipation of summer combined with anticipation of high school for our 8th graders sometimes results in an increase in impulsivity, less thoughtfulness, and more emotion in difficult situations. Adults helping middle-level learners work through situations are also experiencing demands on their schedules, anxiety about their impact on a child's progress, and exhaustion as they try to balance family and work responsibilities. Let's be patient and perseverant as we learn together these last few days of the school year.

This website was shared with me this weekend by one of our counselors. Perhaps it will inspire you to consider making a change or two in expectations related to cell phone use by your middle-level child. As parents and educators, we often hear of impulsive and thoughtless use of social media resulting in hurt, anger and depression. Continuous connections can feed anxiety as we check "likes" and instant messages frequently. I find myself talking to my own children and grandchildren often about limiting time on a device to practice listening attentively and visiting sincerely with others. I've also begun leaving my cell phone in the car or at home when I visit a friend. In an age of immediate communication, parenting and teaching children how to manage information and emotion is made even more complicated. We need each other to do this well.

Last Day Plans (Thursday, June 8) to celebrate learning together are linked below:
SIXTH GRADE Last Day Plans

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  1. Thank you for your input and perspective...minimizing the use of computers, hand held devices, etc., is certainly a challenge today and while the technology is awesome and useful we do indeed need to regulate the use of them for relationship sake. :)

    Michael Kemp, Beni's father