Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dear Families in the Middle,

November seems to have arrived early this year - given the days upon days of beautiful weather we've enjoyed through the summer and early autumn! For our family, November is a time to rekindle an attitude of gratitude in our hearts. Now nearly empty-nesters, our conversations with our children are less frequent, opportunities to play games together are a treat, and family meals are a treasured and anticipated event. If my children were to read this post, they might ask themselves...what's different?

Like many families, our lives are intensely scheduled and "down time" practically non-existent. One of the healthy habits I tried to renew every autumn was family meals. We didn't always succeed, and I was usually better about breakfast than supper. If you're struggling like we did, here's a few suggestions:
* Schedule family meals ahead of time and post those dates on a shared family calendar
* Turn off the gadgets and devices - make the dinner table an internet "cold spot"
* Think of mealtime as the Family News Hour and take turns sharing your news, the best part of the day, or something for which you are grateful
* Include everyone in meal planning and preparation; it's a family meal - not a family restaurant.
* Practice listening to each other, asking questions, and not interrupting.

Reflecting on fostering my own attitude of gratitude, I am thankful for...
Kindness from others - kind words, supportive actions, and encouragement
Hard-working, dedicated, and caring co-workers in-the-middle of challenges and changes
Family - those who love us despite our flaws, foibles, and limitations

Happy November!


  1. We are grateful for the YouTube video clips (about gratitude in a round-about way) that were shown in 8th grade health yesterday. Our son shared them and his thoughts with us.

  2. Would love to see the videos shown in order to continue the conversation at home about gratitude and how lucky our children (and we!) are to have even the basics! If you have the links, please post. Thanks!