Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dear Families in the Middle,

Several of you have responded (in person, through e-mail or by a comment) to the post two weeks ago with a focus on family meals. One of our Family & Consumer Science teachers brought to my attention
National FCS "Dining In" Day is December 3rd. Mrs. Gangnon asked, "Wouldn't it be great if we could sign up Hudson Middle School in making the commitment to "Dine In" with our families Thursday, December 3rd?" We could ask for family photos (kind of like the Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving photo) to share on our Facebook link and Twitter account!

My calendar shows a 7-12 Orchestra concert at 7 that evening and  Packer game at 7:30. Whether your child is in orchestra, you are an avid Packer fan, or you prefer to follow a different football team, let's give this idea a try!
Here are a couple of links for support and ideas:
#fcsday #healthyfamilyselfie
Dine In With Us!

A few more ideas for supporting our students in cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude:
* Think and talk about what others DO - why did they do it? what did it "cost" (in terms of time and energy)? and how did it benefit the recipient (and others)?
* Use a gratitude journal - I've seen several versions online. A study of middle school students (2008) noted those who regularly wrote about what they were thankful for reported greater optimism and a more positive outlook on their school experience!
* Write thank you notes - to a teacher, a coach, a bus driver, a neighbor, a grandparent, a friend to let them know you appreciate their support and guidance, advice and encouragement
* Model all of the above - my mother was insistent that we write thank you's to any person who gave a gift, spent time with us, shared a meal, or invited us to a special event. Her example lives on; I receive the most delightful thank you notes from my grandchildren!

Thankful for the opportunity to work with your middle-level learner with this marvelous team!
Mrs. Ann Mitchell

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