Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dear Families in the Middle,

Hudson School District students have demonstrated high levels of achievement in our math programs through the years. Several factors contribute to our students' performance: student interest and motivation to use numbers and formulas to solve problems, parent encouragement and example, and teacher and advisor support for extensions and opportunities beyond the classroom. Twelve of our middle-level students participated in a Regional Math Counts competition at DeLong Middle School in Eau Claire in January. A team of four of our students placed 5th at that regional event and three of our students qualified for state level competition in March. Thank you to our Middle School Math Team - Ms. Leudtke, Mrs. Steely, Mr. Halvorson, Mr. Harker, Mr. Chuckle, Mrs. Sorenson, Mr. Majerus, Ms. Mattison, Mr. Dahl, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Hoveland and Mrs. Engstrom-Yde (Gifted & Talented Resource Teacher) for their work in helping our students enjoy math! Here's a news clip (less than one minute) about the competition held in Eau Claire last month.
Middle Math competition in Eau Claire 

Speaking of Math, once again, we are proud to have hosted the Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) event at Hudson Middle School. Kudos to Ms. Jodie Bray and her team of students and staff for the set-up, support, and sustained effort to provide many guests with so many interesting phenomenon to see, touch, and share! According to Angela Popenhagen, Stevens Engineers and Hudson community member...
“Continued effort is being made to encourage minorities and women to pursue a career in engineering through...organizations such as American Public Works Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, Institute of Transportation Engineers, and STEM Forward.  From 1979 to 2015, the percentage of women graduating in civil engineering has increased from 9% to over 20% which suggests that the outreach within universities, high schools and professional organization is working. However, about 40% of those engineering graduates never entered the profession after graduation.  So, only about 11% of all engineers are women...this event provides an opportunity for women in those roles to connect with girls...When you’re only part of the 11%, it gets overwhelming to make those positive connections.  We hope that our brief time with these girls will give them the confidence to continue their exposure to all of the possibilities.”

Mrs. Ann Mitchell

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