Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dear Families in the Middle,

When you come to conferences this evening and next week, you'll want to take a walk down the hallway to the cafeteria. Several of our students in Art are re-painting magnificent wall murals - one for each continent. Here's a sample: 

It was wonderful to see so many parents this evening during conferences. Thank you for your insights, thoughtful questions, and positive feedback! The supper (14 soups, salad, bread, cheese, and tasty treats) was such a generous and appreciated kindness for our staff! Thank you to each family contributing to the marvelous meal!

Overhearing a parent conversation about why they come (or don't come) to conferences, I am compelled to share my perspective regarding the importance and value of parents taking time to visit with educators about their child's learning. Why go to conferences??
* Simply taking time to go to your child's school conveys you care...about him/ her and their learning.
* Including your child in this opportunity increases the value of this conversation. Several teachers provide time for students to reflect on their progress, their strengths and next steps to strengthen their learning experience.
* Few relationships are more critical to your child's joy and success in learning than the teacher-parent partnership; these limited opportunities are critical in fostering that communication.
* On a personal note and from a parent perspective, I remember my children (even through secondary years) hanging on the affirmations - even observations of quirky characteristics - teachers shared with us.

Thank you to the students and parents who took a few moments to introduce (and re-introduce) themselves to me during these important visits. It is a pleasure to match names, faces and interests to people in our learning community!

Enjoy this spring-like weather!
Mrs. Ann Mitchell

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