Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dear Families in the Middle,

Recognizing December brings all kinds of positive and negative stressors to our lives, we want to encourage you to seek out moments for peace and appreciation. This morning's professional learning for our teaching team focused on finding, creating and sustaining balance in our lives as we engage in this very important people profession. Whether you find balance in meditation, time with family, a visit with a friend, exercise, creating and care for others, we know it is important to attend to care of self.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Sommers, Molly Powers, and several parent helpers and HMS ambassadors who worked together to sort and distribute Yankee Candle fundraiser items yesterday. We are so grateful, not only for the generous gift of time and energy to this fundraiser, but also for the many opportunities the parent group funds afford to our students. Most specifically, those funds provide bus transportation for field trip experiences at all three grade levels (For example: MN Zoo, Guthrie, Hudson's History Walk), House supplies, and support for families unable to afford the cost of a field trip experience admission.

When you come to the HMS site, you may notice several additional trucks, more equipment, and increased activity this week. We are anticipating the arrival of pre-fabricated walls to frame the two-story addition later this month. Please be very alert to parking lot access changes during this busy construction time.

In this time of cell phones and immediate connectivity, please help us ensure the safety of your child by encouraging him / her to check in at the health office when he/she is not feeling well, rather than to only text a parent. This helps us help you by allowing us to check symptoms, offer support, and ensure teachers know where students are at all times. Thank you for partnering with us on this important safety concern.

Attending music concerts is one of the ways I find balance in my life. Music provides peaceful, rhythmic inspiration for me. I hope you have enjoyed a band, choir or orchestra concert this season!



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