Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dear Families in the Middle,

We hope you are anticipating family, food, flannel and fun (our family would add five hundred, the card game) over the winter break next week! My husband reminded me today was the Winter Solstice and the daylight would gradually lengthen. Yay! Daylight is a source of energy for me.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, suggestions, support and sense of humor through our efforts to provide a safe and smooth traffic flow around HMS each morning and afternoon. We know the flow wasn't good BEFORE construction, and we're hopeful for continuous improvement as we make changes. Please DO NOT PARK in the south lot nearest the building. These spaces must be reserved for specific vehicles (School Resource Officer and handicapped, for example). Thank you for following guides at intersections to provide safe and quick traffic flow.

Whether you have a sixth grader learning about a bear's need for enrichment, a seventh grader learning about Islam, or an eighth grader learning about slope, we hope you're seeing progress in their thinking, speaking, writing and reading skills. Your questions and interest in their learning fuels progress!

We know this can be both a stressful and highly spirited time of year for all. Many families have shared kindnesses this past week - treats, candies, cookies, nuts, fruit. We are so grateful for your generous gifts. Most significantly, we are thankful for your kind words. Every person contributes to the positive learning community we enjoy here at HMS!


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