Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dear Families in the Middle,

I had an opportunity to observe in Mrs. Bjerk's 2nd hour 8th grade Language Arts classroom Tuesday. She posed the question "Why is collaborative discussion important?" Several students shared their thinking. Responses included:
* It helps you see another point of view.
* We're not just looking for the answer; we're sharing our opinion.
* Sometimes it clears up confusion when someone explains the way they understand the topic.
I was reminded of a favorite quote I used often when I taught high school students:
Each of us has a small part of the truth. When we share our small parts with others, we have a broader and deeper view of the truth.
- paraphrased from John Powell's Through Seasons of the Heart, 1986. 
As a lover of puzzles, this idea of combining our small pieces of understanding for a greater understanding is intriguing and affirming. So grateful our Middle Team is working diligently to support students in appreciating and developing collaboration. I can think of few more valuable skills for life and learning!

We are anticipating our spring Parent Seminar scheduled for Monday, March 21. The three focus topics include:
* Understanding Your Adolescent - an introduction
* Communicating Concern with Care and Compassion 
* Supporting Student Self-Advocacy

As a follow-up, we are thrilled to host (here at Hudson Middle School) a Saturday morning seminar April 2nd: Understanding Your Adolescent, funded in part by a grant from St. Croix / Wisconsin Cares and UW-Extension. Please use the link below to register. We think the information is so valuable we've included a second link listing alternate dates in area locations for those who may have a conflict with April 2nd.
Understanding Your Adolescent
Alternate Dates for Understanding Your Adolescent

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