Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear Families in the Middle,

Spring has sprung! Between rainfall, slightly warmer temperatures, the Forward Exam, Middle Level Education week (March 28 - April 1) and the anticipation of culminating projects and events, spirits are on a bit of a roller-coaster ride. We may start our morning with high energy and joy, approach mid-day with trepidation and anxiety (unfinished work or strained relationships), and finish our day with frustration and sadness (unfinished work and strained relationships). Corwin Kronenberg reminded me years ago, "Our job is NOT to ride the roller coaster WITH them; we need to stay on the platform, getting them safely on and then off the roller coaster."

As a parent, I remember all too well those evenings when my pre-adolescent and teenager vented on a sibling, flippantly responded to a question, or silently cried after everyone had gone to bed. Listening sessions at midnight, pep-talks in the morning, and notes on the bathroom mirror helped us get through those difficult times. We want you to know we are here to partner with you on that roller-coaster platform and we appreciate you reaching out - whether in difficult and challenging times or to share a celebration with us!

Speaking of parenting an adolescent, we are hosting Understanding Your Adolescent here at the middle school THIS SATURDAY, April 2! Refreshments will be provided so a call to register is appreciated. However, even if you're unable to make that advance registration, you are WELCOME to join the workshop! You'll head to Room 133 (Excalibur House - lower level, northwest corner).
Here's a teaser shared during our Parent Seminar sessions Monday, March 21.

And MORE parenting support...thanks to a Middle School parent, we thought we'd share a link to an informative article: 7 Dangerous Apps Parents Need to Know About, We'd like to focus on the value and benefit of increased access to technology. However, as you well know, in an age of widespread social networking, we also need to be more aware of potential pitfalls and help our children and each other navigate the terrain. IT TAKES A VILLAGE. Another reminder that parenting is not for the feint of heart, but requires courage, forbearance, and perseverance.

In case you missed the Orchestra and Band concert Tuesday evening, Mr. Dahle shared a recording:
Orchestra Concert March 29, 2016
Band Concert March 29, 2016

See you on the roller-coaster platform!

Mrs. Ann Mitchell

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